Smart Duplication

Miguel Pozo (pragma37)
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Smart Duplication provides enhanced versions of the built-in Duplicate and Delete operators, extended with context-aware capabilities to ease multi-object and modifier based workflows.

The Smart Duplication operator (Ctrl+D by default) duplicates the selected objects and, optionally:

  • Duplicates the modifiers that refer to them.
  • Duplicates the objects referenced by their modifiers.
  • Duplicates their children.
  • Adds the new objects to the same collections as the originals.

The Smart Delete operator (Ctrl+X by default) deletes selected objects, and, optionally:

  • Deletes the modifiers that refer to them.
  • Deletes the objects referenced by their modifiers.
  • Deletes their children.
  • Removes them from the collections they were part of.

  • The Select References operator selects objects referenced in modifiers by the current selection or the ones referencing the current selection in their modifiers.
  • Smart Duplication supports every modifier type that references other objects.
Data Transfer | UV Project | UV Warp | Vertex Weight Proximity | Array | Boolean | Mirror | Screw | Armature | Cast | Curve | Hook | Lattice | Mesh Deform | ShrinkWrap | Surface Deform | Warp

Check the MANUAL for complete info.

1.1 Update

  • Optionally replace the default duplicate, duplicate linked and delete operators with the ones provided by the addon.
  • Optionally enable a pie menu with all smart duplication operators.
  • Show the addon shortcuts inside the addon preferences.

1.2 Update

  • Make modifier duplication/delete optional.
  • Allow duplication/delete of modifier dependencies.
  • Allow better handling of object collection.
  • Smaller improvements and fixes.
  • A detailed user manual is now online.
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